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Daily Cash Position

Where is all your cash located , what currency is it in, a holistic view of all your bank accounts with a view of liquidity needed to support your business operations

Cash Visibility

Having clarity and visibility into cash and liquidity is a fundamental requirement for any treasury department. Without that, it is nearly impossible to support critical financial decisions and strategic business objectives. That’s why Treasury Cube™ leverages industry-best bank connectivity, enabling you to get cash positions from every global bank at the start or end of each day

Real Time Forecasting 

Treasury Cube™ delivers timely and accurate global cash visibility, enabling treasury teams to create accurate forecasts that deliver confidence throughout the organization. TreasuryCube’s cash forecasting capabilities are practical and fed with real time data from your bank’s with extensive options for entry, import, modeling and measuring the effectiveness of cash forecasts. This enables clients to extend the accuracy and horizon of their cash forecasting — by day, week, month or year

Simplified Payment Operations

Accounting folks are sitting in different locations with different payment needs ? No problems there, it does not matter if payments need to be made via Swift or European networks, we have all that covered. Our payment workflow allows for multi layer approval and release of payments based on available cash. This will radically improve back-office workflows and minimise time spent on approvals via manual workflows

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Working Capital Management

Enhance your company’s working capital efficiency by optimizing receivables, payables, and inventory management with TreasuryCube’s advanced working capital management tools

Automated Bank Reconciliations and highly customizable matching

One of the top 3 pain points for treasurers and finance teams alike is matching hundreds or thousands of daily transactions. Automatically analyse your bank account transactions and match them with the corresponding cash flows in the system. Our configurable matching logic which does not need any tech support can leverage. This essential function of internal control and cash management is at par with the world’s best treasury management systems.

Enhanced Control over Cash and Banking

If one of the biggest pain points is the good old accountants bank reconcilation, then you would love Treasury Cube™. You could streamline your workflow by leveraging TreasuryCube’s reconciliation engine to automatically reconcile payments and expedite your book closing process. Monitor transactions and use some cutting edge to identify incoming receipts and outgoing payments in your bank statements . Oversee cash concentration procedures and execute actions right from the cash worksheet, simplifying your liquidity management efforts.

Optimized Cash Flow and Debt Management

Want to be able to manage debt repayments in today’s high borrowing cost environment ? Treasury Cube™ assists companies in managing their debt efficiently by tracking outstanding loans, interest payments, and debt covenants. The software also enables organizations to analyze various debt scenarios and create repayment strategies, minimizing the cost of borrowing.

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Rules Engine and Accounting Entries

The rules engine enables dynamic setups for accounting, payments and netting etc. Dynamic dimension rules makes it easy to maintain and support virtually any accounting ledger requirement

Seamless Accounting Integration

Treasury Cube™ allows clients to effortlessly manage and monitor a wide range of financial transactions, such as AR/AP, debt and and foreign exchange impacts. You setup the accounting entry based on preset categories, bank accounts used, counter parties and you get seamless integration between your accounting and treasury functions. Do away with manual transaction booking saving a ton of time ! Think cost saving !

Inter Company Netting

Intercompany netting between group companies can be a daunting task for accounting and treasury teams alike. TreasuryCube’s Intercompany netting can help with accurate accounting (Set it up and forget it !), lowering bank fees, reducing FX movement and transaction costs and a clear trail of each transaction for accounting (consolidation) purposes. Benefit from our out-of-the-box in-house banking and cross-currency booking capabilities, reducing complexity and cost in managing your finances. Think Controller headaches for intercompany multi currency transactions

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Reporting and Analytics

Treasury Cube™ provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, including customizable dashboards, automated report generation, and in-depth analysis of financial data. These tools enable companies to monitor their financial performance, identify trends and opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

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