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What is a Treasury
Management System?

A TMS is a complex software that integrates information from multiple sources like ERP, market data and banking systems and can be used to automate, record and control various core treasury functions.

Understanding Treasury Management System

Understanding Treasury Management Systems

A TMS is an application with a simple in business purpose, yet complex  in design. The purpose of a TMS is to consolidate information from diverse sources such as your organization’s ERP’s, Bank’s and third parties to automate, document, and regulate essential treasury functions.

While a TMS is multifunctional and widely employed for automating core treasury tasks, it is essential to recognize that it is more than just a transaction management application. A TMS’s true value lies in its capacity to deliver accurate real-time information and forecasting abilities, empowering corporate treasurers to make informed decisions regarding cash, funding, investment, and risk management with confidence. Critical treasury functions include :

  • Cash Flow Positioning and Forecasting
  • Payments & Banking
  • Cash Settlement Accounting
  • Debt and Capital Management
  • AR and AP management
  • Bank Reconciliations 
Cash Flow
Cash flow analysis and forecasting
Data Entry
Data Entry and Accounting Entries
Debt and capital management

What Treasury
Cube Does

Daily Cash Position

Where is all your cash located , what currency is it in, a holistic view of all your bank accounts.
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Simplified Payment Operations

Automatically analyse your bank account transactions and match them with the corresponding cash flows in the system.
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Rules Engine and Accounting Entries

The rules engine enables dynamic setups for accounting, payments and netting etc.
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Optimized Cash Flow and Debt Management

The software supports straight-through processing, enabling seamless integration with banks and other financial institutions.
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Automated Bank Reconciliation

Enhance your company's working capital efficiency by optimizing receivables, payables, and inventory management.
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Reporting and Analytics

Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, including automated report generation, and in-depth analysis of financial data.
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Cash Flow Forecasting

Optimize your organization's cash and liquidity with TreasuryCube's all-inclusive solutions.
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Working Capital Management

Our payment workflow allows for multi layer approval and release of payments based on available cash.
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Direct Bank Connectivity

Assist companies in managing their debt efficiently by tracking outstanding loans, interest payments, and debt covenants.
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