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Direct Bank Connectivity

Otherwise known as Straight-Through Processing (STP): Treasury Cube™ supports straight-through processing, enabling seamless integration with banks and other financial institutions. This automation reduces manual intervention, minimizing errors and increasing operational efficiency.

Plug-and-Play Connectivity

Treasury Cube™ is a genuine, multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service platform offering custom connections to both your internal (ERP, AP, AR etc.) and external (banks, market data providers, etc.) data sources. It ensures seamless integration with any system, using any method and format required. This means that no matter which solutions or services you utilize, your data is always available for visualization, analysis, and reporting.

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Highly configurable workflows

User friendly process and simplified yet advanced design. Built on most modern .net framework utilizing web assembly. Out of the box formats for most of the banks both for payments and reporting. Simplified Cash position and forecasting views. Cash Concentration processes and actioning right from the cash worksheet. Out-of-the-box in-house banking and cross currency booking capabilities. Simplified Payment, Receipt on Behalf of (aka POBO and ROBO), using in house banking. In built Bank Fees and Bank account management. Transaction Linking, Mirroring and allocation process to book intercompany transactions

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Security and Compliance Content

Managing multiple global bank accounts can create chaos, confusion and potential compliance and security risks. TreasuryCube’s in built functionality , approval workflows, audit trails and controls on data enable a robust control framework. Secure messaging via SWIFT, CAMT ( ISO 2002 compliant XML bank statement format) and BAI (Bank Administration Institute) messaging formats ensure security and universal applicability of the system’s communication implementation

Fast Implementation & Cost-Efficient Maintenance

Due to highly configurable workflows, we don’t need extensive timelines to implement our solution (unless you are the size of Google or GE! ). We have out of the box query builders to create different reports without a need of a developer. The prebuilt master data upload and workflow setup reduces consulting and implementation hours. An in-built task scheduler handles all treasury process automation, ftp and sftp jobs.

We are an independent company which was primarily built to create a specialist treasury management system which integrates with most of the known ERP’s out there and has a set of configurable flexible payment and bank recon workflows which allow us to implement our TMS in 3 months or less for a typical $50-200 Million revenue client


We take support seriously. We have an online ticketing system which our clients have access to 24/7. The combination of offshore and onshore resources ensure a fast resolution to your software questions. We know how important it is to have a partner in the month-end crunching routines.

As a user of Treasury Cube™ you get access to best-in-class support from our dedicated team of treasury and system specialists ready to take your query and help you get going as fast as possible.

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