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At Treasury Cube, we are committed to processing personal data responsibly and in compliance with applicable data protection laws. This document outlines our practices regarding the collection and processing of personal data through our websites, service usage, and participation in our events (referred to collectively as “Services”). As the data controller, we determine the purposes and means of processing personal data.


This policy does not cover personal data included in business documents transmitted to us by our customers when using our Services, where we act as the data processor and our customers are the data controllers. Details regarding the processing of such data can be found in the Treasury Cube Contract | Appendices, which includes our data processing agreement for cloud services. For inquiries related to personal data processed in our cloud services, users should contact the administrative users of the cloud service within their organization.

This policy applies solely to activities under Treasury Cube’s control and does not govern the privacy practices of third parties, even if our Services link to third-party websites or use third-party cookies.

Personal Data Collection:

The primary types of personal data we collect from users include names, roles, gender, business contact details, and other information provided during the use of our Services. This information typically pertains to users’ professional roles rather than their private lives. We also collect technical data such as IP addresses, browser specifications, and usage details, which may sometimes identify individuals when combined with other user data.

We employ technologies like cookies to collect and analyze technical data. Cookies help enhance service functionality, user experience, and our advertising efforts. Users can manage cookie settings through their browser preferences. For detailed cookie information and consent management, users can access the cookie declaration when visiting the Treasury Cube website.

Purposes of Processing:

We process personal data to:

  • Operate, maintain, and improve our business and Services.
  • Provide and enhance customer support and service delivery.
  • Engage in marketing and promotional activities.
  • Fulfill contractual obligations with our customers, suppliers, or partners.
  • Conduct research, market surveys, and fraud detection.


Data Retention:

Personal data is stored only as long as necessary for its intended purposes or as required by law. Users may request data deletion when it is no longer needed or if they withdraw consent.

User Rights:

Users have rights to access, rectify, object to, or restrict processing of their data. They can also request data portability or erasure. Rights can be exercised through provided service functionalities or by direct communication with our support team.

Security Measures:

We maintain robust security measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, loss, or breach. Our security practices are regularly reviewed and include engagements with third-party experts.

Data Sharing:

Personal data is only shared within Treasury Cube when necessary, or with third parties under specific circumstances outlined in this policy, with appropriate privacy and security protections in place.

International Transfers:

Personal data may be transferred internationally, and we take measures to ensure adequate protection. This includes processing within the EU/EEA and using tools like ticketing softwares and CRM’s each governed by its own privacy policy.

Complaints and Changes:

Users can lodge complaints with local data protection authorities if they believe our processing of personal data is inconsistent with privacy laws. This Privacy Policy, effective January 1, 2024, may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our practices or legal requirements, with substantial changes notified accordingly.

Contact Information:

For exercising rights or any other privacy concerns, users should contact us using the contact details provided on this site.